What Are the Processes of Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

16 Nov

Late teens and early twenties are the times is which the final set of molars known as wisdom teeth makes its appearance. These third molars are considered an asset once they are healthy and aligned properly. Unfortunately, some of them must be removed because they are not properly aligned or simply because of other issues such as tooth decay and the like. Oral surgeons as well as dentists are professionals who have undergone a lot of studies and practices regarding the proper extraction of your wisdom tooth, making sure the process will not be hard for you. Contact Trilliant Dentistry today!

There are several forms of the misalignment of your teeth. This is caused by teeth positioned horizontally as well as the angles which in cases may be either inward or outward, or even angled away or toward the second molars. This misalignment is gong to cause you pain since it is going to crown or create damage to your jawbone, teeth as well as adjacent nerves. To prevent any pain from occurring such as gum infections, shifting of adjacent teeth and jaw problems, you should remove your misaligned wisdom teeth.

In connection to this, there are still several problems such as an impacted wisdom teeth. This occurs when the wisdom teeth which are the third molars at the back of the mouth, don't have enough space to emerge or normally develop. Be that as it may, if an impacted wisdom tooth partially erupts, it will create an opening which allows bacteria to enter therefore causing an infection which leads to swelling, a stiff jaw, pain and in worse case scenarios it can lead to illness. Considering the location and positioning of your erupted wisdom tooth, it is not impossible for you to have tooth decay and gum diseases.

You can have your wisdom tooth extracted at the office of your oral surgeon or your dentist. The area of your misaligned wisdom tooth will then be applied with local anesthetic so that you won't have to worry about feeling any pain. In cases where there are a lot of wisdom teeth that needs to be removed, doctors may choose to give you a general anesthesia which will make your whole body numb and unable to feel any pain and which can also induce sleep. The gum tissue located on top of the wisdom tooth is opened by the surgeon or the dentist to allow them to remove all bone covering the tooth.

The tissue that connects the third molar to the bone should be separated so the tooth can be extracted. In some cases, dentists find it easier to remove the tooth by cutting it into pieces. Stitches that can be dissolved or removed by a professional in a few days may also be required in cases where the opening of the tooth is large. A gauze pad is used in the area where the surgery is done to prevent it from excessive bleeding. Visit 
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